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My spouse and I have been married for 7 months, and it is not working out. We tried marriage counseling, vacationing together, vacationing apart, and even living apart for a couple weeks. This marriage was no-doubt a mistake. 

Fortunately, we do not have children to co-parent for the next 18 years. We have no common assets or debts. I am convinced that we didn't enter into this marriage for the right reasons. I am ready to give up on this marriage, and move forward in my life.

Can we annul our marriage based off the short duration?

   Jylan Megahed   

"I have not seen or spoken to my children in weeks! Is there a way to fix this immediately?! I have tried to reason with the other parent, and he/she refuses to let me even speak to children! PLEASE HELP!"
Have you tried filing for an emergency hearing?

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It has been 3 years since your divorce has been finalized by way of Entry of Judgment, and you've been consistently paying spousal support (or as others like to call it, alimony). You've been married for 12 years, separated for 5 years, and have 1 child that is now 16 years old. The ex-spouse receiving support is now earning double the income he/she earned at the time of Entry of Judgment. The marital standard of living is specified in the Judgment as lower middle class. 

Your request is now to either terminate spousal support or reduce spousal support to $0.00. What is the difference?

But first, we need to look at 3 important factors:

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Finding the right family law attorney is no easy task. The most important traits to find in an attorney is whether he/she is eXponent, eXceptional, eXperienced, plus Sympathetic. 
Meet Attorney XXX'S...

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"My ex works for a transportation service company (i.e. Uber, Lyft) so that my ex doesn't pay me support. How do I prove to the Court that my ex is underreporting their income and not working to their earning capacity?"

   Jylan Megahed   

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